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In addition to proposing a loan without collateral alias Good Credit, car pawn is also one solution to get funds. Compared to Good Credit, mortgaging cars are faster, you know the process. In fact, there are promises within 1 hour that can be liquid. Really delicious, right? More of this story:

For those of you who apply for a loan rejected for one or two reasons, there is no harm in choosing the mortgage pawn option. Just so you know, even though your car isn’t very recent, it’s still worth it when measured in money.

Moreover, the condition requested by the pawnshop as collateral is the Proof of the Owner of a Motorized Vehicle. Really easy right?

Interested in getting funding from the pledge?

Here are some choices that could be your reference for applying for a loan. Not only offering motor vehicle loans, but Good Finance also provides a mortgage loan option. This service from Good Finance is called Good Finance Multipurpose Maxi.

Although accepting cars as collateral for a loan, not all cars can be submitted for loan conditions. The maximum age of the car is to be guaranteed for 12 years from the time of production until the repayment period is over. That is for passenger cars.

While for commercial cars, the maximum age of 10 years from the year of production until the repayment period is over.

Requirements for submitting Good Finance Multipurpose Maxi.

  • Family card
  • Proof of income
  • vehicle registration
  • and original invoice

To get to know, learn about financial institutions that can also give us loan facilities. (Multifinance / magazine review weekly)

With the pawnshop car at Good Lender

You can apply for a loan of at least USD. 10 million and a maximum of USD. 100 million. Loan interest rates start from 0.9 percent a month.

The tenors are offered to start from 12 months – 48 months. While the length of the application process car pawn in Good Lender from 1-2 working days.

Multipurpose Good Lender loans are available in 340 branches throughout Indonesia. Please note, even if you can apply for a loan of up to USD. 100 million, it is still estimated that the value of your car is decided by Good Lender The highest estimate is 80 percent of the vehicle value.

Requirements for applying for a Multipurpose Finance BFI, namely:

  • KTP (husband or wife)
  • Family card
  • Proof of income
  • vehicle registration
  • and original invoice
  • TIN

E-Money offers the advantages of applying for a car pawn loan

With a simple process and flexible tenors ranging from 12 months – 36 months. Loan applications must be processed within 2 working days after the documents are received.

The amount of funds that can be obtained from the E-Money Multipurpose is a maximum of 85 percent of the value of the guaranteed car. Or the amount is from USD 50 million – USD 100 million.

The types of cars that can be used as collateral, namely sedans, multipurpose vehicles (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickups, trucks, to buses.

Conditions that must be prepared to get a car loan.

  • Photocopy of husband or wife’s ID card.
  • Photocopy of the family card.
  • Photocopy of NPWP.
  • Photocopy of account for the last 3 months.
  • Photocopy of salary slip.
  • Photocopy of STNK.
  • Photocopy of
  • Photocopy of vehicle invoice.

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